Year One in Review

Meteoware Plus is one year old!

Version 2.0
MeteowarePlus has received a big update! What's New:
  • View By Month
  • Calendar View
  • Air-Freezing Index
  • Grünlandtemperatur (a German-specific index to estimate the begin of the plant's growing season)
  • Weekly and monthly view now with rating and comments
  • Precipitation choropleth
  • Hashtag support in comments
  • New translations for Spanish (Xavi) and Brazilian Portuguese (Amauri)

It also resolves a large number of inconsistencies and issues that emerged over the past year. Thank you for everything you do to contribute to and support MeteowarePlus.

Version 1.9
We have a new version released today. It includes a new weather widget style and the weekly view.

Version 1.8
For the last few days we've been having severe performance issues. A new V1.8 version has been provided last week which seems to have resolved the issues. Two things have changed:
First, we rewrote a lot of the core of MeteowarePlus’s code to improve the speed and performance.
Second, we added a new database server. This was possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of all those who sponsored MeteoWare Plus. We continue to stabilize the performance. Thanks to those who've donated so far!

Version 1.7
So you want your own public weather web site?
MeteoWare+ (1.7) allows you now to publish and display your netatmo weather data on the Internet. Only outdoor sensors will be shared. No coding skills needed and hosting included. stay tuned for more details on this exciting enhancement!

Version 1.6
MeteoWare+ 1.6 is now available! You can mark some days as „Significant weather day” or „Very significant weather day” to highlight days with weather events and the current weather panel show the calculated rain rate now.

Version 1.5
We have a new preview version released recently, this preview was available for supporters and contribuitors only. The update is for all users available now. It includes a new weather dashboard and the calculated cloud base.

Version 1.4
Version 1.4 is now available. The most important change was a complete overhaul of the user interface making it more ergonomic, streamlined and elegant. As well, a new Date Picker to improve navigation through your database, making selecting days much simpler and providing quicker access to your weather data. The weather website widget has a new layout option.

Version 1.3
Good news for Twitter enthusiasts!
MeteoWare Plus offers you now the possibility to have your netatmo data tweeted automatically on Twitter.

Version 1.2
A commonly requested feature from the users has been the ability to display rain data (current view, table, chart), which we’re happy to now have included within version 1.2. New translations for French (Jerome).

Version 1.1
MeteoWare+ 1.1 is now available!
We’ve made more than a hundred minor changes, new translations for Bulgarian (Valeri), Swedish (Peo), Dutch (Sjoerd) and a new choropleth view.

Version 1.0
Today I am incredibly happy to announce the release 1.0 of MeteoWare Plus. It has taken a bit longer than we would have liked, but we hope the wait was worth it and that the new release provides all of our users with exciting new features: Non-metric measures, localisation in other languages, sending of rain data to the weather networks and a new chart type. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Version 0.9
Version 0.9 is available. Beautiful visualization of your netatmo station data as weather gauges.

Version 0.8
Version 0.8: A day overview page with table view and statistics for each weather parameter. New navigation structure.

Version 0.7
Version 0.7, here’s what’s new:
  • Website Widget is now available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Romanian.
  • Pie chart with with parameter distribution.
  • Table View display parameter values and difference between the current and the previous value.

Version 0.6
Version 0.6: Some chart improvements. The user can stop or restart the reading process manually. Weather widget for website or blog.

Version 0.5
A new version is out (v0.5)!
It includes hover labels and the times of sunrise / sunset on charts.

Version 0.4
Version 0.4 is available. Enhancements in this version from the previous release:
  • A new Weather Data screen,
  • Time filter (24 hours, today, yesterday),
  • Daily extremes, averages and rates,
  • Calculated dew point,
  • Added charts for temperature, dewpoint, pressure and humidity.

Version 0.3
Version 0.3 (February 11th, 2014)
I am very happy to announce that 0.3 is now available. MeteoWarePlus now supports sending data to and now it's possible to see your current weather data from your netatmo station directly in MeteoWarePlus.

Version 0.2
Version 0.2 (February 4th, 2014)
MeteoWarePlus works with the Netatmo weather stations and supports automatic uploads to WeatherUnderground and